Session 42 Studios discontinues the "Butterfly" project


June 14, 2022 - Session 42 Studios announce the decision to shut down the development for the "Butterfly System", a recently released open-source project.

What was "Butterfly System" for?

"Butterfly is a new, free, and open-source system dedicated to training or interview centers for roleplay community games (e.g. hotel games, café games, etc.).

There are hundreds of developers and groups that want to make their training or application center on their own. This is where Butterfly comes in: we offer you a variety of scripts & logic that can boost up the place where players attend different types of sessions." are the official words that describe what Butterfly was created for. This description was published on April 25 (2022) by InfiniteBlackPIX, the chairperson of Session 42.

Why was Butterfly discontinued?

Recently, a short announcement has been added to the ROBLOX DevForum post that presented Butterfly to the rest of the community.

The official reason for the project shutdown is the huge amount of issue reports that users filled after the release. InfiniteBlackPIX declares that the development team dispatched to solve them couldn't find any resolution to the customers' reports.

Is Butterfly unavailable from now on?

According to the InfiniteBlackPIX's announcements, the model and its documentation will remain public. The discontinuation led to the unavailability of the support requests for this specific product and stopped its development.