Stranger Things Roleplay games explode on ROBLOX?


Recently, the new season, season 4, of the popular series "Stranger Things" has been released on Netflix. It had a huge impact all over the world, on every social network, television channel, and more. Seems like the popularity wave comes to ROBLOX as well.

What is "Stranger Things" about?

"Stranger Things" is a 4-season series on Netflix that blew up starting with season one. It is tagged as "supernatural" or "thriller" and the genre requirements were met. It's about a small town named "Hawkins" where a group of children discovers a hidden lab where the "Department of Energy" was making tests on several kids with supernatural powers. They meed Eleven, a girl who was tested on. They help her run from the military team meant to catch her and bring her back to the test zone. They become friends and fight demonic monsters escaping from the "Upside Down", a parallel world where weird creatures live.

The action continues in season two, where Will, one of the guys who was stuck in the Upside Down, is being possessed by the "Mind Flayer" - another monster controlling a whole army of "Demogorgons".

Season three comes with another set of surprises. The Mind Flayer comes back and builds another army (of humans). Luckily, the group of friends fights it again.

Season four, volume one is about a new demonic force: Vecna. A monster that kills teens in Hawkins and takes them in the Upside Down. Season 4 turns out to be the creepiest so far. It has the scariest scenes compared with the rest of the series.

The ROBLOX world about Stranger Things.

There are currently about 3 games that were popular before the release of season four, but now they have really blown up.

We're talking about "The Conspiracies of Hawkins [Stranger Things RP]" developed by 0le28. The game's average player count is 800 - 1000, which was 200 - 300 before the release of the new episodes.

Another game that we can consider looking at is "Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall" developed by Netflix.

Games are not the only ones that exploded. We can take a look at groups as well. For example "Stranger Things Fansღ" has no experience, yet its member count has literally (literally) exploded.

Concluding, the release of the movie has boosted the groups and games related to Stranger Things with thousand of users.