Washiez - entering the top of community-based roleplay games


"Washiez is a fast-growing car wash here on the Roblox platform. Our players can get their cars washed or work as an employee. Go check out our games and maybe even get a job!" - the description that says it all. Washiez is a ROBLOX-based roleplay community game that has a car wash at its center of attention.

Since when (LOL)?

Well, not for longThe monitorization of Washiez on Rolimon's started about 4 weeks ago. The group blew up a few months ago and since then it kept growing. The active player count rapidly went up and is currently at about 3,000 in the main game and can get up to 400 in the training center.  

Why did it blow?

There are obviously tons of roleplay community groups and games, but why did Washiez blow and stand up? The answer is easy to understand: it's unique. There are hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and airport community games and groups on ROBLOX, but a car wash game was never seen before. It was something that made players curious and excited. The group and game were well organized and built which also gave them an advantage.

Is it worth playing/joining?

Absolutely. It's something you should definitely check out and try playing. At least for once. Joining their community is also fun, but just like every community, it takes time and patience to rank up. It requires time to become better and gain experience.

A very cool thing about Washiez (at least at the time of the writing) is that they do not sell ranks. Users have to grow manually and cannot buy gamepasses to get promoted.

The progress?

Again, the monitoring began about a month ago. Here's a few things we got;

Guess it obvious that it's a fast-growing group and game.

In the top of the roleplay games on ROBLOX.

Not many community roleplay experiences reach the amount of 3K active players in the main game and 400 players in training sessions. This being said, Washiez is officially one of the most popular communities of this kind.