Zara.X project terminated due to strategic shifts

We have announced that we will no longer be pursuing the development of our upcoming project, the Zara.X system. The project, which was intended to provide cutting-edge training systems to Roblox/Discord groups, help administrators manage their staff, and offer automatization on many levels when it comes to a community management job, was initially slated for release later this year.

We cited a number of reasons for discontinuing the development of the Zara.X project. These included changes in the industry and shifting priorities within the company. Despite the team's best efforts to bring the project to completion, the company determined that it was no longer a viable investment.

What was Zara.X?

The Zara.X project was initially intended to provide the best technology for roleplay training systems, as well as a modern web-based interface for administrators to manage sessions and staff members.

The announcement has been met with disappointment by some members of our community. However, we have assured users that we remain committed to delivering innovative products and services that meet the needs of their customers.

What is the reason?

The executives at Session 42 Studios had noticed a significant shift in the industry over the past few months. Customers were becoming more discerning, and their expectations were higher than ever before. They demanded more features, more customization options, and faster response times, all while expecting to pay less for these services.

In an effort to keep up with these demands, Session 42 Studios invested heavily in research and development, paying thousands for cloud hosting services to create cutting-edge software solutions. However, the costs associated with these efforts were starting to take their toll on the project's bottom line.

After we made the difficult decision to discontinue our software development activity for this project, some were left wondering what the future held for the company. However, we are quick to reassure our customers that they were not going on vacation, but instead were moving some of our efforts to a new venture, RayTech Hosting, LLC.

RayTech Hosting, LLC. is a company that provides top-quality web and Discord bot hosting solutions. With the same dedication to quality that made Session 42 Studios a success, RayTech Hosting, LLC. aims to provide customers with the same high-quality service that they have come to expect.

We recognized that our expertise in software development could be applied to other areas of the industry, such as web and bot hosting, where we could leverage our skills to create top-quality solutions. With RayTech Hosting, LLC., we plan to offer an extensive range of hosting solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each customer.


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